Arrivals via land up 18 pc in 2010

The total number of international tourists entering the country via land increased by 18 percent to 153,757 in 2010. The figure, however, does not include arrivals of Indian tourists.

The number, however, is lower than arrival figures of 2007 when a total of 165,992. A total of 130,634 foreign tourists had entered the country via land route in 2009. Total arrivals in 2010 touched all time high of 600,000 in 2010. The country had received a total of 448,769 tourists via air route during the air. The highest number of arrivals via land routes in 2010 was from Sri Lanka, followed by Thailand, China, South Korea, the US, and United Kingdom. A total of 44,080 Sri Lankan tourists visited Nepal via land routes last year.