Kumar Rai

Miren Beroz

Agent Manager - Sales - With Thamserku since 2018
Miren, from Basque Country (Spain) and a resident of Kathmandu for years, is in charge of giving service to our clients in Europe and also supporting Thamserku Trekking´s growth, looking for new business opportunities and new products.

Despite her background in Finance, with 10 years of experience in banking and a Master's in Finance, in 2017 Miren decided to change the direction of her professional career and dedicate herself to what she likes the most; the adventure and mountaineering field. After knowing Bhutan, Tibet, and most of the popular treks in Nepal now she helps to discover the beauty of the country that caught her.

She combines her love for the mountains, snowboarding, and surfing with a personal project of cooperation in the education of girls in the most remote areas of Nepal.